Howard of Effingham expansion plan rejected by Guildford Borough Council

Plan to rebuild the Howard rejected by councillors


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By JHardwick  |  Posted: March 10, 2016


A Plan to expand Howard of Effingham school was rejected by councillors at a meeting last night (Wednesday).

The proposal would have included the construction of nearly 300 homes on green-belt land, with the school being relocated to Effingham Lodge Farm, an 80-acre site on the opposite side of Lower Road.

But it was rejected unanimously by Guildford Borough Councillors last night following an hour-long debate.

Speaking at the meeting, the school’s executive head Rhona Barnes told councillors: “Maintenance and repair costs are becoming unaffordable.

“We have approximately a quarter of the national recommendation of playing field space which puts a huge obligation on staff to monitor our students at break and lunch times in extremely cramped conditions.

But Effingham Parish councillor Paula Moss said: “A new expanded school is simply not supported by the community. This is an unsustainable proposal which undermines an emerging neighbourhood plan with broad support across the whole community.

“Already 88 per cent of all first choice applications, regardless of whether they meet any of the admissions criteria, gain places at the school.

“The community goes further than the school. Just 10 per cent of the Howard’s student body live in Effingham.

“This proposal will double the built up area of our village, heavily urbanise the historic open space and create traffic congestion at an unsustainable level all along Lower Road.

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Webcast recording of the full Planning Council meeting here

2 thoughts on “Howard of Effingham expansion plan rejected by Guildford Borough Council”

  1. Fortunately sense prevailed and Guildford Borough Council took the advice of their own planning officer and rejected the plans. Let’s hope this is over with and not just the end of round one. I still hope the parish council have not opened the door to an appeal by including the site, (be it only a small part it) in their neighbourhood plan. Time will tell. Let’s see what the next few weeks brings!

  2. Well said Mr. S. Taylor. EFFRA committee, based on 350 responses to a survey of residents in Aug. 2014, has been counselling EPC from square one not to propose building on Eff. Lodge Farm in the Neighbour hood Plan. In the responses, 89% were against building on ELF.

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