Latest issue of draft Local Plan


New Guildford Borough Council draft Local Plan is ready to read – follow the links


Effingham Residents Association (EFFRA) will comment later on the new version of the plan as it affects Effingham and the surrounding area. That said there is huge relief to some that Effingham Lodge Farm has retained its Green Belt protection and appears to have been discounted as a development site. This site has been contentious for the past year as Effingham Parish Council have – for reasons unknown – sought its development contrary to the advice of the Independent Planning Examiner, CPRE and EFFRA.

Some of our residents have voiced concern regarding how to read such large documents online. The following links are indeed large documents but can easily be read using your search engine (hold down the Ctl key and press f). This brings up the search engine box where you can type in Effingham (or whatever else you wish to research) and every time you press your return key another Effingham (or other word you typed in the box) will come up.

Guildford Borough Council will debate the Local Plan at their:

Infrastructure Executive Advisory Board
Wednesday, 13th April, 2016 7.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Millmead House, Millmead, Guildford, Surrey GU2 4BB.



Proposed Submission Local Plan: Strategy and Sites PDF 287 KB

Additional documents:


The above three links can be also be reached by clicking here, here and here


The Guildford Dragon latest article reported that the Local Plan had significantly changed


In a statement a GBC spokesperson said that the revised plan contains: “…significant changes that reflect over 20,000 comments and questions received from local residents during the public consultation held in the Summer of 2014.”

Cllr Paul Spooner

Cllr Paul Spooner

Cllr Paul Spooner, GBC leader, said: “The Local Plan is important for everyone who lives, works or visits the towns, villages and countryside in Guildford borough. We’re lucky to be in one of the most beautiful and prosperous parts of the United Kingdom.

Cllr Spooner continued: “We received a tremendous response during the Public Consultation and every comment has been considered… We listened to opinions and have changed the plan considerably to take account of feedback.

“Many people asked for more evidence to support our proposals so we have sought the views of leading experts and commissioned detailed reports. This means the Local Plan is based on the best advice and forecasts available.”

Cllr Spooner added: “We need to meet the future needs of Guildford Borough in planned, realistic and sustainable ways. However, we must also protect everything that makes the borough a great place. I strongly urge everyone who has an interest in this borough to look at the Plan in full and see how we wish to improve this area over the next 15 years.”

Cllr Susan Parker

Cllr Susan Parker

Leader of the Guildford Greenbelt Group, Cllr Susan Parker (GGG, Send) said: “This is almost unchanged from the “trajectory”. The housing number is unsubstantiated and unscrutinised.  Crude calculation of “objective need” is unconstrained.

“Available urban brownfield land is earmarked for shops and offices, not homes, forcing c.70 per cent of new housing onto fields.  Election promises to protect the green belt, have been broken, despite the spin.

“The green belt that is most protected is the new area around Tongham. You can fool some of the people all of the time…”

Lib Dem and Labour councillors declined to comment.

To read the Guildford Dragon article in full click here

2 thoughts on “Latest issue of draft Local Plan”

  1. It’s great to see that the Parish Council’s assertion that the best defence against development on the undeveloped land at Effingham lodge has proven correct, both with the Berkeley Homes application and the latest version of the Local Plan. Development of the Neighbourhood Plan has allowed us to engage positively with GBC planners and given Liz Hogger the evidence she needed to make the case to ensure that ELF has been dropped from the latest version of the plan.

    Work on the Neighbourhood Plan will press on now, with the increased clarity provided in the latest version of the Local Plan giving the Neighbourhood Planning team fresh impetus. We are lucky to have a representative in Liz Hogger who has both the passion and the knowledge to make the case for Effingham. A first look at the implications of the plan for our neighbours is more concerning. Effingham is lucky to have an emerging Neighbourhood Plan giving local people a clear voice in the planning process.We rare grateful for the continued support and input of residents in helping to shape it.

    To answer the question therefore raised in the above, as EFFRa well knows, having participated in the process, EPC has supported development on previously developed land, ahead of the greenfield sites put forward by EFFRA, because that is what residents told us they wanted.
    And EPC, as the only official body representing residents in Effingham, will continue to reflect the views of its residents on this as on all matters.

  2. I was astonished to read the last comment that EPC were the only official voice of effingham. Official voices need listening ears and currently I prefer to listen more earnestly to what Effra has to say and make my own judgements. Do the people of effingham have a voice – on reading this spin I think not. Having been sitting on the fence over the emerging neighbourhood plan, this has officially sent me into the definate no group.

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