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Dear Villagers

Things seem to be moving again on the local plan.

Over the next few weeks then we need to get the updates going again.. so here goes.
Please pay attention to item 3 and 5 where you may want to take action.
As last year please let me know about topics relevant to the local plan, or things you would like news on in this newsletter.

1. The Local Plan Timelines

I have heard many different dates over the last few months and they have not been worth publishing. HOWEVER now we have a more reliable Local Plan timeline, though details of what that might mean are still very sketchy. The next draft local plan will go out to public consultation in JUNE 2016, nearly a year away. Some of that is due to the need to incorporate the TOWN CENTRE MASTER PLAN, which was published at the end of last week. So far as I understand it only 7 of the 20 local plan documents required to be presented are ready for public scrutiny. It is likely in the coming weeks will we see the revised SHMA and the Employment Land Assessment documents. Both these are critical as these will determine the number of houses required, and the uses for the identified Brownfield land.

2. Town Centre Master Plan

As mentioned this was published last week – I attach the link with a “health warning”. There are some BIG files – one is 128MB….  (or click here) These on the face of it do not affect Wood Street, however the traffic solutions will be interesting, as will the housing provisions. Early indications are that there is still far too much retail (shopping), at the expense of housing (interesting article on BBC news this morning on retail being reduced due to the internet effect). Please judge for yourselves if you have the computer space, and can afford the ink. It will go out for Public Consultation in OCTOBER 2015, so you will have a chance to comment formally

3. Wood Street Traveller Site

The traveller site in White Hart Lane has applied as follows – 15/P/01484 – Roundoak, White Hart Lane, Wood Street Village. – Variation of conditions 1 and 2 of planning application 11/P/00973, approved at appeal on 27/07/2012, to allow the site to be permanently occupied as a gypsy/traveller site by the applicant and his family and to remove all building and structure materials and equipment brought onto the land and to restore the land to its condition before the development took place. As you may recall WSVA objected to this site in the local plan for a number of planning reasons. This is your chance to comment on this new application on the GBC website, but must be in by 7th September.;jsessionid=FA9B1EA74F5F4FBC48562D7633BDCEAF?action=firstPage

Note – new NPPF guidelines will be published soon – attached the results of the Traveller and Gypsy consultation just published in pdf format for those who are interested.

4. The University

As you know this author is highly critical of the University, as it has failed to deliver its promises to the people of Guildford re student accommodation, openness of its land etc. There has been some movement on this not over the summer.. The GOOD news is the University have finally applied for 2 planning permission application to build some of its student backlog to the tune of around 1300 students. NOT enough – it will still owe nearly 2000 places form its original promise and student numbers appear to be much higher with more planned. Also a recent request to increase car parking (15/P/01317) and hence traffic has been made, wit that likely to go to planning committee in a few weeks.

5. Save Hogs Back Campaign

Many thanks to everyone who has signed the Save Hogs Back petition on the 38 Degrees Website – we’ve achieved more than 3,000 signatures! However, we still have another 1,000 to go so, if you haven’t done so already, please sign up at or via the Save Hogs Back website: and spread the word among your family and friends. Signing takes less than a minute!

6. Interesting News

A few articles for you to read for those who are interested.
a. DCLG Critisised for failing to monitor house building –,3JK5H,FX5F7S,CPFE1,1
b. UK No place for dirty money – Given the statement made by Cameron a couple of days ago
c. CPRE Green belt Myth Busting
d. Greenbelt building has soared – BBC

Many Thanks
Neville Bryan
Chairman – Wood Street Village Association

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