Letter about the new Guildford Borough Council Leader

Writing to the Guildford Dragon online Newspaper Valerie Thompson says:


“Now that Mr Mansbridge has resigned, I would like to appeal to all present Guildford Borough councillors to consider carefully who they appoint as next leader.

  • Please think about someone who is willing to listen to the views of the general populace and act on them.

  • Please do not choose anyone previously connected to either Mr Mansbridge or Ms Juneja, or chosen by them to be among the inner circle of the Executive.

  • Please choose someone whose main interests are not in development and the construction industry.

  • Please choose someone who can objectively plan for the future of the borough as a whole, not carefully preserving their own backyard from inappropriate housing.

  • Please have regard to the Conservative policy and Guildford council’s declared intent to preserve the green belt.

  • Please think about the heritage of Guildford and its surrounding landscapes with a view to keeping and enhancing what is beautiful in town and country.

  • Please be aware that it has taken thousands of years to create the scenery everyone enjoys, and hundreds of years to establish the handsome town centre we all love.

  • Please remember you are the guardians of the borough, for both residents and visitors.”

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