Letter: Our Shalford Planning Issue Has Not Been Properly Dealt With

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It is not only Mr Mansbridge who has given Guildford the reputation of being a Rotten Borough by refusing to adopt a policy of openness and transparency. There is, in my view, something very wrong in the planning department of Guildford Borough Council too.

Planning Let 2From Graham Moore

The two new Shalford ward councillors, Michael Illman and Mike Parsons, have refused to examine apparent irregularities in a recent planning application decision, and have ignored their predecessor James Palmer’s undertaking, to refer the case to the planning committee.

A developer bought a plot of land in Shalford, outside the village settlement area, in the green belt and an area of great landscape value. He has built a replacement house more than 60 per cent larger in volume, with a roof ridge two metres higher than the existing house.


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