Letter to Effingham Residents Association – “shame on you Effingham Parish Council”

The following letter was received via this website – the name and address have been supplied and withheld 

“This year I have attended meetings regarding the Howard of Effingham school’s proposed move onto Effingham Lodge Farm. I, as an Effingham resident, have listened to and read the rebuttal that Effingham Parish Council gave. Having weighed up the evidence I sent an objection to the proposed move to Guildford planners. Having waited an agonising delay this application now comes before Guildford planners on the 15th January 2016.

This proposed move was to enable the school to have more updated facilities and more pupil intake, but for them, the move was onto a green belt site.

Development can only take place if ‘exceptional circumstances’ were to be met. Effingham parish council deemed that there were no exceptional circumstances and objected. I now see in their draft neighbourhood plan that they are planning housing on this same site that they rejected.

  • Surely all their objections would be the same, so how can it be? They say housing would be on a brownfield site and talk of 30 houses.

  • Can we believe this rhetoric?

  • Will Berkeley Homes be content with just 30?

  • What has happened to the special circumstances?

Any houses being built will probably be family homes as Berkeley Homes will want a return and profit on the land. I think it is very naive to believe it will be just thirty. As family homes, surely there will be children of school age and the Howard of Effingham will need to grow or deny children of other areas access to the school. To me it just doesn’t add up and as such I am writing to Guildford borough council to rescind my objection.

If you objected, perhaps you should ask Effingham parish council what is going on. For me all I can say is shame on you Effingham parish council!”

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