Letter: We Will Oppose The Tories When They Get It Wrong

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Liz Hogger

GBC Sign CroppedFrom Liz Hogger

Liz Hogger is the Deputy leader of the Lib Dem Group at Guildford Borough Council.

In response to John Robson’s letter, “Letter: Guildford – Twinned With Milton Keynes.”

What an extraordinary interpretation of Cllr Caroline Reeves’ comment on why the Lib Dems challenged the council leadership of Conservative Cllr Stephen Mansbridge.

Just read Caroline’s comment more carefully : “We need to start the new year as we mean to go on, with honesty and integrity restored.” Who could possibly take exception to that, or read into it any suggestion of a coalition?

I share Caroline’s welcome to Cllr Spooner as the new Lead Councillor for the Local Plan. The Lib Dems didn’t succeeded in ousting Cllr Mansbridge as Council Leader, but at least he is no longer leading on the vital Local Plan and we have the chance for a new start on that.

My opposition to the last draft Local Plan was quite clear, and I now share Caroline’s hope that we can work across party lines in the interests of the whole borough to design a fair Local Plan which this time listens to local communities. The Local Plan must protect our environment and quality of life in both town and countryside, rather than imposing a  top-down plan to meet an excessive growth agenda.

Working across party lines is a good tradition in Guildford: it’s the way to get the best outcome for all our residents. However the Lib Dems will certainly be holding the new Tory administration to account every step of the way.

As a responsible opposition, we will work with the Tories when they are doing the right thing, and oppose them strongly when they get it wrong.

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