Local Plan ‘Will Tackle Potential Housing Crisis’

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Guildford borough faces a housing crisis if the demand for more suitable homes is not tackled soon according to a council (GBC) statement

Guildford Housing House Number

The statement continues: “The area needs sustainable development focused on building more homes of the required size and type.”

Cllr Tony Rooth, lead councillor for housing and social welfare, said: “Our borough has a serious housing shortage and three key concerns must be confronted.

“Firstly, the supply of smaller and more affordable properties is seriously below the level needed. Secondly, we must make best use of land available for housing hence the council’s firm policy of brownfield first. Thirdly, urban land covers no more than nine per cent of the borough, giving little room for growth without including a small part of the green belt that stretches across 89 per cent of our borough.

“We feel we can achieve our goals with just 1.6 per cent of land taken from the green belt and allocated for development.”

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