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Save Send have 366 objections and our target is 500

Dear Resident

We hope you received our newsletter “Crunch Time for Send” through your letter box (reproduced below)but just in case you did not we attach a copy.  If you have not yet sent your objection to the proposed narrowboat basin, please do so by the end of this week. We have 366 objections and our target is 500. So we need some more of you who have not yet written to do so as quickly as possible. Your objection should go to with the reference 14/P/02289 and show your name and postal address in addition to your email. Individual members of the same household should send separate emails. And please ask your neighbours too.

The case officer’s report to councillors has just been published. Here is the link recommends that the marina should go ahead. To support its case it produces a lot of evidence which is flawed. It recycles dubious material from the applicant and ignores the wishes of residents.

It downplays the problem of access down Tannery Lane. It rejects the argument that the Green Belt would be breached when it obviously would be. It dismisses the risk of flooding. It proposes to tackle the issue of contaminated land by making a condition that it should be investigated. It says wildlife would not be harmed – never mind the SSSI – and biodiversity would be enhanced. It claims that it is responding to a big demand for more narrowboats.  It argues that the proposals are sensitive and modest when they are the reverse. It needs to be challenged.

One particular example is that it claims that at the so-called “public consultation” held at Lancaster Hall the marina received 100% support. This is simply not true. If you went to it and were not in support please tell them.

Councillors will debate the officer’s report at their meeting at 7 pm on Wednesday 2 September at Guildford Baptist Church Millmead Guildford GU2 4BE and take a final decision for or against that evening. We need a good showing at the meeting so please come if you can.

Kind Regards



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