Minutes of Berkeley Homes/Howard of Effingham Joint Venture Effingham Liaison Group

Berkeley Homes/Howard of Effingham Joint Venture

Effingham Liaison Group

4.00pm, Thursday, 11 Sept 2014,

Parish Room, 3 Home Barn Court, the Street, Effingham KT24 5LG


Cllr Pindar – Chair, Effingham Parish Council (EPC)

Cllr Hogger – Effingham Parish Council, Guildford Borough Council (EPC/GBC)

Cllr Lightfoot – Effingham Parish Council (EPC)

J.Busher – Guildford Borough Council Planning Dept (GBC)

C.Dick – Effingham Residents’ Association (EFFRA)

Philip Davies – Local resident

A.McPhillips – Berkeley Homes (BH)

David Gilchrist – Berkeley Homes (BH)

Anne Persson – Howard of Effingham (HoE)

C.Ritchie – Parish Clerk (EPC)


P.Stock – Effingham resident

R.Barnfield – Howard of Effingham School (HoE)

Greg Devine – Surrey Highways (SCC)


Cllr Pindar (EPC), as Chair opened the meeting. The aims are of the liaison group remain to discuss issues and proposals regarding the proposed joint venture between Berkeley Homes and the Howard of Effingham School to allow consideration and mitigation of any possible issues and areas of concern and to input to any Section 106 proposals on behalf of the village.

Discussions are held Without Prejudice which means that all discussions taking place in the liaison group meetings are considered separate from any EPC assessment of future planning applications and have no impact on the decision of EPC regarding an application. This also applies to EFFRA.

Representation from GBC Planning department attend all meetings to ensure that the planning application process is not compromised and the Parish Clerk minutes and makes publically available all notes from liaison meetings.  CR

Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes were agreed

Matters Arising

One outstanding action remains from the 3 June 2014 meeting for R.Barnfield to provide a copy of the HoE building assessment report carried out by the school as requested by Cllr Pindar (EPC). A.Persson (HoE) advised that the report now formed part of a larger report that was now with Berkeley Homes and this information may be difficult to provide. A.Persson to pursue.                                                                                                            APe

Proposal Update

A.McPhillips (BH) advised that submission of an outline planning application is now likely to be in mid October 2014. The bulk of the outstanding work to address comments and requirements from planning officers generated from two rounds of discussions. It was confirmed that there had been little change to the Brown’s Field proposals but there had been a number of change to the other sites. These changes were felt to be small changes and not fundamental changes to either proposed housing numbers or layout.

The previous undertaking to give members of the Liaison Group 2-3 weeks notice prior to any submission remains in place.                                                                                    AMcP

Highways Considerations

G.Devine (SCC) submitted a written update to progress on transport data received. Discussions on Glanvilles’ (BH consultants) transport assessment have been proceeding and outstanding questions and issues remain at present. A transport meeting is to be held at 18 September and A.McPhillips (BH) proposed it would be useful to hold a Transport Working Group meeting after this.

Cllr Hogger (GBC/EPC) advised once again that discussion of the highways issues and proposals were considered key to the Parish Council and in particular details on impacts and proposals for The Street and Crossways were of interest.


A.McPhillips (BH) gave an update on discussions for a SANG car park scheme and advised that Natural England guidelines are proposing between 12-30 car parking spaces, with 12 being a minimum. The proposed development site sits on the 2km boundary from the SANG and this would support development within 2-4km of the SANG.

Cllr Pindar flagged the issue of use of any car parking spaces by commuters and need for monitoring and enforcement action which will carry subsequent costs.

As discussed previously J.Busher (GBC) confirmed that it will be GBC’s responsibility to make the two applications required for a change of use planning application and to the appropriate Government body responsible for registered Common land. Clerk advised that Commoners’ rights had been registered and are regularly exercised by a village Commoners’ day event.

A,McPhillips (BH) asked for an overview on previous SANG discussions. Cllr Lightfoot (EPC) advised that a number of SCC Highways sites had been investigated close to the Common and deemed unsuitable. No proposal has been made for use of the Common land due to the existence of the registration of Common land and rights. Previously discussions on sites have concluded there are no sites available.


D.Gilchrist (BH) advised that the promised summary report on the July consultation would be forwarded to Clerk                                                                                                DG/A.McP

Cllr Pindar (EPC) advised that EPC’s response to the GBC draft Local Plan consultation would be submitted at 22 Sept and the draft response was available on the EPC website. EPC are also hosting a public meeting on Sat 13 Sept for local residents to come and discuss the Local Plan and to pick up information on how to respond to GBC.

Cllr Hogger (GBC/EPC) confirmed that both the response to the Local Plan and the public meeting will include discussion of the HoE venture due to GBC’s inclusion of the Effingham Lodge Farm site within the site allocations section of the Local Plan. It was confirmed that EPC comments both in the Local Plan and at the public meeting are to be clearly flagged as Without Prejudice to any future planning applications

Section 106 Considerations

A.McPhillips (BH) stated that Berkeley Homes were still intending to attend a working group meeting to discuss possible Section 106 funding but that this should be scheduled once a fixed sum has been agreed through negotiations with GBC which are scheduled to be completed at the end of September

P.Davies, local resident, asked for an overview of likely contributions or percentages for the funding categories for highways, SANG, open spaces and affordable housing. A.McPhillips (BH) was able to confirm that affordable hosuing will be at 20% and that a normal SANG contribution would be 38% of normal contributions which would be £500K-£600K. It was emphasized that these broad figures were not yet finalised.

Any Other Business

Local Plan

Cllr Pindar (EPC) gave an overview of the issues with insetting and green belt that will included in EPC’s response to GBC draft Local Plan.

EFFRA Survey

C.Dick, EFFRA, gave an overview of the results of the recent village questionnaire which included questions on the HoE/BH proposal. There had been 350 responses generating key information on green belt issues, car parking and the SANG issue and the future of the school. A summary report will be available shortly once a data verification exercise has been completed.

Date of Next meeting

The next HoE Liaison Group meeting will be:

10 am, Fri, 3 October 2014

Parish Room, 3 Home Barn Court, The Street, Effingham

Please note that parking is outside the courtyard on The Street.

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