Minutes of Effingham Residents Association meeting



Minutes of Meeting

Held on 14th August 2014

In the Parish Room



Chairman                        Chris Dick

Secretary                        David King

Vice Chairman               James Brennan

Treasurer                        uliet Newton-Smith

Planning                        Peter Mott

Press                              Vivien White

Parish/Borough Cllr        Liz Hogger


Apologies:  Pat Bleasby, Julie Iles


1.   CD welcomed everyone to the meeting.


2.     AOB Visitors (if required)   None


3.     Previous Minutes – The Minutes of the previous Meeting, 10-7-14, were approved


4.     Matters Arising

4.1.3 Home Farm: It was agreed that EFFRA would not pursue this as a separate action but encompass in response to GBC Draft Plan.

5.1 St. Lawrence School:  Parish Clerk has been chasing the Deeds.  VW stated that Surrey History Centre has the ref. data for these Deeds.  VW to liaise with Clare to ask SCC to produce these docs.


5.     Planning

5.1 Nothing significant to report, except EPC have objected to xtn. at Kirklands, Higher Barn

5.2 GBC draft Plan

5.2.1 EPC are preparing a newsletter of bullet points by 22-8-14 on which residents may base objections and planned for delivery wk. 1-9-14.  1,100 copies will be required.  EFFRA are requested to help, via Road Wardens, with deliveries.  JI to warn Wardens.  Other committee members volunteered to cover roads where any shortfall exists.

EEFRA committee to meet at Old Stantons on 23-8-14 at 10.00 hrs. to review EPC document.

5.2.2 EPC will also be preparing their draft response to GBC wk25-8-14, responding in particular to the following policies:

2: housing numbers

5: insetting of villages

12: historic environment

16/17/18: shops, infrastructure, sustainable transport and site allocations

66: Wisley airfield

69: Howard of Effingham School site

77: W. Clandon school proposal

89: Home Farm

Section 4.5.1: infrastructure — Effingham Common car park for SANG

EFFRA will allocate drafting actions at 23-8-14 meeting.

5.2.3 Cllr Monica Juneja, lead Councillor for Planning, has been charged on 7 counts of criminal activity. (Post meeting: Cllr Juneja has been relieved of her Planning duties, but continues as a Councillor)

5.2.4 Leewood Park proposal: see A.O.B below.


6. Press: Nothing significant to report.  DK tabled a sheet of relevant Press extracts from period Jan. to July 2014.  JN-S to scan/email to committee.


7. Treasurer’s report: no movements in last month.  Deposit account balance is £4786 and current account £434.


8.  Website: It was agreed that EFFRA need to state views on items on the website.  VW volunteered to mastermind this activity.


The website “hit” counter is still to be commissioned; until this is done, advertisers cannot be canvassed.  It was agreed that 3 advertisers is probably the maximum the site can sensibly carry.


9. Questionnaire responses: VW reported that approx. 200 responses have been received to date which include loads of comments.  The overview of VW’s analysis is that residents’ views are overwhelmingly in accord with the committee’s.

CD to place a reminder to residents on the website to respond.


10. Other committees

10.1 Section 106 Liaison Group: The Howard planning appln. will now probably not be made until end Sept earliest.

10.2 Alternative Group: The committee wholly agreed with VW proposal to invite Roland McKinney to join the group.  VW to action.

10.3 Friends of Effingham Common: CD has opened fruitful liaison with the Friends, who will object strongly to the proposed car park/SANG issue.

GBC will have to submit an appln. to themselves and also to the Secretary of State since this is Common Land.  Dan Knowles (Friends) is due to speak at EPC meeting on 2-9-14.

10.4 EPFA: Correspondence between EPFA/EVRT re. an incident at KGV in May was passed to DK for files. (post meeting note: In Lea. Ad. of 21-8-14 there is an article, and photo, on the issues between EVRT and EPFA)

10.5 Wisley Action Group and GGG:  CD has had useful correspondence and dialogue with these two groups.


11. Any Other Business

11.1 Leewood Park:  No planning application has been lodged for this site on Effingham Common Road.  This land was not included for development in GBC’s Pegasus report.  It is not in the current Settlement Area or in the proposed amended Area in GBC draft Plan, but is in the Green Belt.




Next meetings:  23-8-14, 10.00hrs. at Old Stantons

11-9-14, 20.00hrs. at Parish Room




D. J. King (Hon. Sec.)


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