Minutes of EFFRA Meeting 9 April 2015 (abridged)



Minutes of Meeting

Held on 9th April 2015

In the Parish Room



Chairman                        Chris Dick

Secretary                        David King

Treasurer                        Juliet Newton-Smith

Publicity                         Pat Bleasby

Press                              Vivien White

                                      James Brennan

Borough Cllr                  Liz Hogger

Guest                             Roland McKinney,

  1. Apologies:

    Julie Iles, Peter Mott, Maria Higgs (resigned),Jeremy and Kay Palmer

  2. Minutes of previous meeting:

    12-3-15, approved.

  3. Matters Arising:

  4. EPC has already written to Sue Morris (ELHG) re. local list of Listed Buildings.

     4.1 DK to contact MH for update on local pollution/ use of agricultural land issue.

     4.3 VW’s draft letter to SCC approved for sending over CD signature; VW/CD

     –  LH and CD had emailed GBC re consultation between GBC and SCC over Berkeley Howard planning application. There had been no significant documented consultation between these organisations. Matter to be looked at again after May 7th elections.

     –  VW has started compiling the dossier on information and promotion leaflets .

     –  CD reported that the problem over the web advertisement/ sponsorship sizes had been rectified.  PB handed cheque to J N-S from sponsor

      –  Catholic Hall verge: Action outstanding; DK

  1. Planning:

4.1 15/P/ 00454 Greenacres, High Barn Road rebuild. EPC objected to (a) height of ridge at approx. 1m higher than existing and (b) the lantern roof. On basis of light pollution.

     15/P/00225 East Court, Beech Ave rebuild. EPC objected on grounds of dominant height and dominant position in AONB.

     15/P/00038 Muhleck, Heathview                        Refused

     15/P/00134 39, Orchard Gardens                       Approved.

4.2 Upper Leewood Farm: See item 3 above.

4.3 Effingham Common SANG/car park: See item 4A below. Discussion postponed to next meeting.

4.4 Berkeley Homes/Howard: EFFRA need to look at revised highway proposals of Transport Submissions. It is believed that the Effingham shops were not consulted by BH. DK to review and matter to be revisited after AGM.

4a Effingham Neighbourhood Plan (NP)

A draft letter of comments prepared by CD, VW and DK, previously circulated and tabled at the meeting was approved for sending by VW/CD over CD name.

The proposed timescale for progressing the NP is:

  • EPC meeting wk 13-4-15 to consider EFFRA comments and prepare for EPC AGM

           on 21-4-15.

  • Further consultation with residents

  • Submit to GBC as an “emerging” NP before end May.

There will be a better idea of timetable for Guildford Plan after the 7th May elections.

R.McK stated that, based on case studies elsewhere, the NP gives some weight to planning but is not cast-iron.

  1. Press: Nothing significant to report. R.Mck. stated that there is to be a BBC hustings programme on Guildford. R Mck to email data.

  2. Treasurer: Current account stands at £2001, deposit at £3797. Year-end accounts now approved by Examiner; DK to arrange copies for AGM. JN-S suggested that EFFRA purchase a printer. Discussion postponed; JN-S to table detail costing and cost/benefit analysis at that meeting.

  3. Website: 978 readers in the last month; 557 items have been put on the site in the last year.

  4. Other meetings:

8.1 St. Lawrence School: EPC is looking again at the Deeds, of which EPC now have full set. There is a 1841 Act that has been used in similar cases to ensure the village is properly consulted.

  1. AGM

9.1 Possible new committee members:

  • Howard Manton

  • Jeremy/Kay Palmer

R McK is not eligible at present under EFFRA constitution but is willing to be co-opted as a non-voting consultant. DK to review constitution and propose possible amendments to allow non-Eff. residents living very locally to be members of the committee.

9.2 JB confirmed that he is willing to be Wardens’ Officer.

9.3 As previously indicated, JN-S and DK are both prepared to continue in their respective posts.

9.4 Under the constitution, the chairman is elected by the committee. CD is willing to continue.

9.5 Other posts/duties will be decided after the AGM when the elected committee is known.

9.6 Refreshments:

  • 9 bottles red wine, 9 white         JB to purchase

  • Apple and orange juice               JB to purchase

  • Nibbles                                        CD (SD) to purchase

  • Glasses/plastic mugs                 JB to provide (DK can also provide glasses if JB requires)

  1. AOB

10.1 It was reported that EPFA have now signed a licence agreement. EPFA will have use of the clubroom/bar every night of the week except Mondays.

10.2 CD noted that this was PB’s last normal meeting and thanked her for her many years of support. PB hoped to attend the AGM.



Next meeting: AGM, St. Lawrence Church Hall, Thursday 30-4-15, 20.00hrs.

Committee meeting date will be arranged post AGM.



 J. King (Hon. Sec.)






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