Minutes of June EFFRA Meeting



Minutes of Meeting

Held in the Parish Room

11th June 2015


Present:         Chairman                        Chris Dick

                       Secretary                        David King

                       Treasurer                        Juliet Newton-Smith

                       Vice Chairman                Vivien White

                       Road Wardens              James Brennan

                       Borough Councillor       Liz Hogger

                       Howard Manton            Support

                               Guests:                  Cllr Andrea Lightfoot

                                                              Cllr Paula Moss


  1. Apologies: Kay Palmer, James Wetenhall, R.McKinney

  2. Minutes of previous meeting: 7-5-15, approved.

  1. Matters Arising:

  • 3 No reply received from SCC. VW will chase again.

                   Copy emails sent to school parents; VW to pursue with KP.

  • 4 Catholic Hall verge: Action outstanding DK

  • 4A Neighbourhood Plan: Minutes of meeting Dan Knowles, GBC/CD/DK agreed with GBC; CD to send copy to Arnold Pindar, EPC Chairman.

  • CD reported that the police had reacted well to noise complaint.


  1. Planning:

                       15/P/00812/13 Upper Leewood Farm

                       AL/PM gave a briefing of their findings on a recent visit to site as follows:

  • Waste including hardcore, asbestos, building waste over half hectare of land

  • Bonfires, including dumped carpets

  • Coach with blacked out windows, hooked up to electricity

  • Intensive pig farming

  • Encroachment of Green Belt

                       EPC have written letters of objection. AL to email copy drafts to DK.

                       Highways Dept. have objected as Effingham Common Road is weight restricted.

EH advised that although date for response is 16-6-15, letters received later will still be taken into account. The committee agreed to send letter of objections to GBC; JW action.


Effingham Common: It is believed that GBC now consider that a car park on the Common will not be achievable. GBC may now look at the lay-by area on the trackway which feeds the station car park. It is understood that this track belongs to Network Rail but is part of the Common.

EH confirmed that a SANG car park has to be free of charge. For the Berkeley Homes application, any supporting SANG will probably need up to 12 car parking spaces. GBC are in communication with Natural England on parking spaces.

Berkeley/Howard: Still under consideration.

  • BH have submitted amended highways proposals

  • SCC Ed. Dept. have not formally commented on the appln.

  • The appln. is due to be decided by 9-9-15; if not amended or withdrawn, the last Planning Committee meeting where the appln. could be decided within that period is 2-9-15.

  • Any significant amendments to the appln. would be regarded as a new appln.

Effingham Neighbourhood Plan (NP)

A draft addendum was circulated prior to the meeting and used a as a basis for discussion.

The addendum, with the opening paragraph as amended by the meeting, is attached (Appendix A).

Referring to the numbered items, comments/decisions were as follows:

  1. Timing: Is it important that the emerging NP is not delayed.

  2. GBC gave blessing to EPC’s process of site screening and have expressed willingness to give help and advice. Sites have to be available and deliverable, but EPC do not consider number of houses on specific sites.

–            EPC have drawn up a set of criteria and a marking system for assessing sites. an aerial photo with view lines has also been produced.

–            So far, some landowners have put land forward and others have been approached. CD invited to attend meeting on 15-6-15 between EPC and landowners.

–            The housing numbers sub-group is due to meet on 12-6-15 (EH, D. Martland, VW; R.Mck. not available)

  1. EPC disagreed that proposing limited building on EFF. Lodge Farm (ELF) would be an “own goal”. The meeting agreed that ELF should not be regarded as a “strategic” site by GBC for a large housing development and that we must campaign on this issue (EH).

–            ALL committee members to look at ELF site and existing permanent buildings to take a view. The glasshouses are “temporary” buildings on Green Belt agricultural land.

–            ALL members also to walk round the village including Lower Road to form an opinion on the “view” lines which make Effingham a semi-rural, open village.

  1. A NP may be developed before, during or after a Local Plan (LP). Where the NP is ahead of the LP, the LP should not duplicate policies in the NP.

  2. See 4 above.

  3. See 2 above.

  4. EPC have looked at 15 sites. PM to advise EFFRA which sites have been considered.

  5. No, but it may be recommended to alter settlement boundary to encompass part of ELF.

     10/11. The 14-3-15 public meeting produced helpful comments, but not particularly on sites. It

did not, and was not intended to, give quantitative results. Results/statistics are on the


  1. See above under Effingham Common.

  2. The Survey Monkey was sent selectively to residents who had shown interest and was

intended for guidance; 72 responses were received.

  1. Press: Nothing significant to report.

  1. Treasurer: Current account stands at £1858, deposit at £3800.

  1. Website: The site has c. 1,500 users per month. Current analytics may be seen on email circulated by CD on 11-6-15.

  1. Other meetings: none


  1. Constitution: DK is progressing

  1. AOB There was no other business.


Next meeting: Parish Room, Thurs. 9-7-15 (DK not available)


  1. J. King (Hon. Sec.)                                                                               iss: 02 (25-6-15)

Appendix A

ADDENDUM to AGENDA following an extra (unminuted) meeting on 1/6/15 at Effingham Place

EFFRA continue to support EPC NP but resist the ELF Green Belt development. Common Objectives for EPC and EFFRA where we should be united:

  • Preventing the Howard of Effingham/Berkeley Homes development

  • Preparing for the building of new homes, which meet the Village’s needs for the future period. Whilst recognising the requirement for the Village to accept its share of new housing.

  • Maintaining our Green Belt (particularly the green boundary between Effingham and Bookham) whilst acknowledging the Government might dictate otherwise.

  • Resisting extension of Settlement Area, insetting of Effingham and identification of Effingham Lodge Farm as strategic site

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