Monika Juneja admits forgery charges at Old Bailey


Local Conversations in Effingham


For those of you following this:

I quote from the article:

Defending, Howard Godfrey QC, said: “She has by her guilty pleas evidenced her remorse and her regret.

“She is a lady of not merely good character in the sense of no previous convictions, but a lady of the most outstanding positive good character in the sense of the years of public service that she has provided.

“She has been the victim of a witch hunt in Guildford as a result of the planning policy she was seeking to put forward.”


These are great quotes.  Stephen Mansbridge also attested to her good character (but a s a business partner and alleged other partner/) I guess he had to.

But what does this say about Mansbridge’s character, let alone that of her council?

It would be good to hear her remorse and regret, expressed by herself.

I will guess that the sentence will be £150 fine and 30 hours community service, to be served assisting GBC legal department with their village insetting land grab.

Jules C

The only real test of remorse would be to repay her ill-gotten gains.

I’m with: Cranwell Associates


She has probably spent it all on her defence council.  I am disappointed that she pleaded guilty as I would love to have heard her explanation.

Valerie T

How appalling that her defence counsel should say she is  of good character.  No one who falsifies her university degree and claims she was a barrister, changing documents to prove it, can be called honest. To call local people’s complaints a witch hunt, when she has behaved so immorally, is beyond belief.  The Police considered her actions to be illegal and brought the case against her; it just happened that West Horsley residents became aware of her lies and blew the whistle.

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