More of the past revealed in Effingham

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Day 2 of the Surrey Archaeological Society test digs in Effingham 

Sunday 23 October

Following on from the previous day’s efforts a further four tests pits were excavated this time in the gardens of the Old Vicarage and Home Farm Effingham – in glorious sunshine!.  More finds were revealed by the Team from the Surrey Archaeological Society which is based in Ockham and Abinger.  Once again the Team was led by Chris Hayward (pictured middle right on left).


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David, (top right on left) spoke about his most exciting find many years ago in Leicester when he discovered a Mithraeum – known also as a Temple to the god Mithras, where the bull was worshipped.  Sadly there were no legal protections in those days and a hotel was built over the top.  With David was Phil Vallis who explained that care was being taken on their test pit due to the amount of thin sharp broken glass goblets and bowls from the Victorian period.  Much of Phil’s time was taken up with a sophisticated metal detector.

Surrounded by washing up bowls (bottom right) Isobel Ellis was seen cleaning another ancient tobacco pipe. Isobel’s other role is to run the Artifact and Archive Recording Group.


Perhaps the most interesting find was from xxxx (sorry can’t say) where the team found a semi precious stone.




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