National Trust calls for action on Mole Valley fly-tipping


The National Trust has called for more prosecutions to be brought against people who fly-tip in the Mole Valley 

Dumped tyresImage caption Mole District Council said it launched a Keep It Clean campaign last year

The cost of dealing with the discarded waste is “crippling”, the charity says.

The best deterrents are local authority waste enforcement officers who “knock on doors and prosecute”, said the trust’s Andy Wright.

But, Mole Valley District Council insisted it takes a hard-line, warning fly-tippers their actions would not be tolerated.

Mr Wright said: “When the nights are dark and people are on the way home, it is easy to pull into a lay-by, tip up unseen and drive off.

“It can be kitchens, bathrooms. The worst is items like asbestos, chemicals, drums of oil. You don’t know what you’ve got and you’ve got to get it tested.”

Officers ‘are brilliant’

He said placing covert cameras and bringing a few prosecutions “will make people think twice”.

Mr Wright said local authority waste enforcement officers are “brilliant” as they go through the waste, find receipts, “then go and knock on doors and prosecute.”

He also urged public vigilance. “Law-abiding people might have someone to fit their kitchen and assume that contractor is going to dispose of waste legitimately.

“It comes as quite a shock when there is a knock at the door and a threat of prosecution, because actually they are liable for that waste,” he said.

He urged people to ask contractors for a waste transfer ticket to ensure it is disposed of properly.

In a statement, Mole Valley District Council said it launched a Keep It Clean campaign last summer.

It said it does search for evidence and investigate any leads as well as removing waste as quickly as possible.

It also said that during the operation it has stopped around 50 vehicles from entering the district and has sent out a clear message to any fly-tippers that it will not be tolerated.

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