New traffic figures increase calls for more investment in Surrey’s roads 

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A big increase in traffic is being used to renew calls for more Government investment in Surrey’s roads

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Last month we told you the county has the slowest rush hour traffic in the country.

New figures show things are much worse now the schools are back, with traffic up 13 per cent in September compared to August.

Surrey County Council is pushing for further investment from the Government.

The Chancellor has already announced a new highways fund to maintain roads, with the money coming from Vehicle Excise Duty.

But John Furey, the County Council’s lead on transport, tells Eagle the promised funding will only go on motorways and A-roads: “While thoughts of classes and homework might be occupying children’s minds, local drivers are no doubt more concerned with the school run traffic.

“But unless the Government changes this fund money to help keep traffic moving will take a diversion past Surrey.

“Our residents deserve more given that they contribute around £100m a year in Vehicle Excise Duty and only get back £20m in roads funding.”

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