Opinion: The Local Plan for Guildford Must Protect Everyone’s Quality of Life

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Guildford’s next Local Plan should represent the best interests of the whole borough, both town and countryside

By Caroline Reeves and Liz Hogger

Caroline Reeves (pictured left) is the Lib Dem group leader at Guildford Borough Council and borough councillor for Friary and St Nicolas. Liz Hogger, is the Lib Dem deputy group leader and borough councillor for Effingham.

Cllr Caroline ReevesCllr Liz HoggerAs Liberal Democrat borough councillors representing a town centre ward and a green belt village, we would like to offer a Lib Dem perspective on the recently-published revised draft Local Plan.

Guildford faces a housing crisis, with many young people priced-out of the market for either buying or renting homes. So the first question is, “Will this Local Plan help?” To which the answer is, “Maybe”.

The insistence on 40% “affordable” homes is welcome, but unfortunately the Conservative Government’s assertions that “starter homes” at 80% of market value are affordable, even in a high-price area like ours, may seriously weaken that provision.

The Local Plan should be providing the homes local people need, not the homes developers want to build.

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