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Brian W  in Effingham

A series of amendments have been submitted by WPI  to their existing application

The comments already made do not need to be resubmitted, this has been confirmed by Paul Sherman at Guildford.

However there have been a number of changes made that as said address some of the concerns raised.  There is a lot to get through and so far i have picked up  inclusion of a 4 stream entry secondary school has been added to the  2 steam primary school at some point in the future. This clearly will take up more land  so the density and height of the new development has been changed.

The proposed bus service has been changed and replaced with a 15 min service between the development and Horsley Railway station running from 6 am  until 10 pm with other services to Guildford and Cobham .

The consultants have again waved there magic wand and all the traffic coming from and going to  the development will not cause any congestion on our local roads or if they do it is Surrey County councils fault. or perhaps the Governments!!

It all makes an interesting read and if it a good story you are looking for you might even enjoy it.  It is fiction after all laced with a few fact that do not add up .

Please take  some time to look at the Transport Section and make your own comments.

Frances K

Do look particularly at the Transport section.  Point out the glaring error of fact which can then throw doubt on the whole document.  It refers to ‘West Horsley Station’ all the way through when talking about rail transport.  If the consultants can get that wrong what does it say for the rest of the document!
There are amazing figures/statistics about queuing times suggesting with their plans for making one way roads here there and everywhere the queues will not or will only marginally increase.  You begin to doubt your common sense, then you read about ‘West Horsley Station’ and you realize your common sense was right.  With 2068 homes on Wisley the likelihood is you will get at least 1,500 extra cars on the roads, whatever they do about buses, in the morning and evening and they just do not fit on our roads.  Particularly with the added increase of vehicles diverted from their normal route because of the suggested one-way systems.

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