Plans to form new Woking-wide green belt protest group after people ‘appalled’ by proposals


Resident Sandra Simkin described the public consultation to take land in the borough out of the green belt as “ludicrous”

10:18, 3 AUGUST 2015

Transformation of the Big Apple complex in Woking have been proposed

Transformation of the Big Apple complex in Woking have been proposed

A new Woking-wide protest group could be formed in a bid to derail the current proposals to take areas of land in the borough out of the green belt.

Mayford resident Sandra Simkin described the public consultation – which closed at 5pm on Friday (July 31) as “ludicrous” – and is pushing for a new protest group to be formed.

“We’re not satisfied with any of the other groups,” Mrs Simkin said. “We feel not enough is being done. We’re making contacts with people on sites all over Woking and also in Sheerwater.

“You talk to anyone and they are only too happy to join because they are appalled at the extent of what is being proposed. The consultation is ludicrous. It’s all been decided already.”

The public consultation was launched six weeks ago and gives residents the opportunity to respond to the Draft Site Allocations (DPD) which earmarked sites where homes, shops, offices and industrial sites could be built in the future.

Transformation of urban areas in the town centre have been proposed, including to landmarks such as the Big Apple complex and to the streets near the railway station.

Potential Development sites within Woking BoroughPotential development sites within Woking borough

The DPD also names certain pockets of green belt that could be given up to building to help meet the target of an additional 4,964 homes that must be constructed in the borough in the next 12 years.

Mrs Simkin said: “All this comes down through committees and eventually the poor people in the locality suddenly find out they are going to be built on.”

She said a green belt protest group will meet this weekend to build a framework and come up with a name. It will be open to all.

A Woking council spokesperson said: “It is not appropriate for the council to comment during the Regulation 18 Consultation period.

“This closes on Friday 31 July, after which the council will fully consider all the responses received before a further consultation period is launched.”

To see the draft document and find out more about the consultation, visit or call 01483 743 871.

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