Police Commissioner Candidate’s Special Constables Pledge

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The Liberal Democrat candidate for Surrey’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Paul Kennedy, has set himself a target of increasing the number of special constables in Surrey to 500 by 2020 as part of his campaign to bring back community policing

Paul Kenndy, the Lib Dem candidate in the election on May 5 for Surrey's Police and Crime Commissioner.

In a Lib Dem statement he said: “One of the most striking police cuts in Surrey we haven’t heard about over the past four years of ‘zero tolerance policing’ has been the 63% reduction in the number of special constables from 345 in 2012 to just 130 this year. If elected I’m determined to reverse that to bring back real community policing in our county.

“It’s common sense that police officers who are rooted in local communities, who know the concerns of local residents and speak to them regularly will be far more effective at tackling crime. There are few better examples of this than special constables who live and work as civilians in their communities but also volunteer as police officers with full police powers for at least 16 hours a month.”

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Editor’s Comment

Over the next few weeks we aim to give each PCC candidate the opportunity to say a few words to our residents. The invitations have already been sent out…

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