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Tim Muffett of the BBC reports on footpath survey

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Tim writes; “The Ramblers charity is launching what it calls the “biggest-ever footpath survey” to examine the state of the path network in England and Wales.

The organisation, which represents walkers, says it is concerned that some paths are in a bad condition.

It is asking people to use a mobile phone app to record problems found on rights of way, such as blockages or fallen trees, and send them in.”

To see the BBC video – click here

As one Effingham resident put it; “As an ‘on-view-to-the-public’ method I get the feeling responses are prioritised in much the same way as companies respond quickly to Facebook and Twitter.  A cynic might think that perhaps the motivation is more legally based. If an injury lawyer can easily find info that they were aware of a hazard and did nothing before an accident then negligence is easier to prove.

Report, view, or discuss local problems

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You can also record footpath problems on:

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