Reminder – Public Meeting Saturday 14 March 2015 in the KGV Village Hall

Hopefully you will have seen the leaflets posted around the village regarding the Public Meeting this  Saturday 14 March. There will be two sessions and it would be great if as many residents as possible were able to attend.

Effingham Parish Council have put in an impressive amount of work particularly when their time has been so taken up with other issues like the Berkeley Homes planning application.  They have our thanks.

Next Saturday offers us all the chance to say what we want our village to look like in the next 15 or so years. Yes some of this must be about housing because if the village has an agreed ‘emerging Neighbourhood Plan’ then the Borough Council and Planning Inspectors will give it weight when considering other matters such as the draft Local Plan.  An emerging Neighbourhood Plan can also help avoid developers building on land that the village has allocated for a different purpose.

Asking for agreement in what the village wants is an ongoing process and this meeting is part of that process. So it is important for those of us attending to prepare ourselves for some growth to meet our housing needs as identified in the earlier Parish Council questionnaire in 2013.

It might help to think first in broad terms of what if anything you might want to protect, save or sacrifice. Everything in and around our village is designated as Green Belt but it’s our village and we have a say. Please appreciate that we should not point blank refuse to build anything because if we do that then Guildford Borough Council may tell us how many houses to build and where they should be built.  The meeting will also cover a range of other equally important items and your ideas will be sought

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