Roland McKinney writes about an increase in air pollution


Roland McKinney writes a letter to the Guildford Dragon News about the risk of increases to local air pollution

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Roland McKinney is a Consultant for the Effingham Residents Association Executive Committee, a founder member of Hands Off The Green Belt and Guildford GreenBelt Group.  He recently wrote to the Guildford Dragon News about the risk of increasing air pollution on the busy A3. 


Roland wrote “I think it is worth bearing in mind that the one measuring point in the borough that measures air pollution beside the A3 is the only one in the borough that exceeds the relevant public health standard – and has done so over a period of years. This the air quality monitoring station at Wisley.

My point is that air pollution beside the A3 is measured at only one point in the borough, and this shows that pollution levels are higher than the level considered necessary to protect public health. Because of its location, this station underestimates air pollution at this point, probably by some considerable margin.

Bear in mind too that Public Health England has estimated that 55 people within the borough die each year as a direct consequence of air pollution from within the borough. So everyone pushing more traffic onto the A3 (which is surely already beyond its capacity in peak periods) is literally asking for more air pollution.

Should someone not be asking at what cost to public health?”

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  1. With regard to our specific locale I wonder whether more should be done to measure air quality in the immediate surroundings of St Lawrence Primary School, given the amount of traffic which now uses Effingham Common Road and Lower Road throughout the working day. This heavy traffic is frequently augmented by lorries flouting the weight restrictions which run along Effingham Common Road and through the village, so adding to the pollution surely being breathed in by children in the school. Whatever the overall merits of the plan to relocate the Howard, providing the opportunity to move St Lawrence to a position further from these very busy roads is one which deserved more discussion.

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