Row over A3 access for Wisley Airfield ‘new town’ proposal


Wisley Property Investments WPI is standing by its claims to have consented direct access to the A3 for its development of the former Wisley Airfield site

More than 2,000 homes could be built at Wisley Airfield

Developers behind plans to build more than 2,000 homes at Wisley maintain the development has “consented access” to the A3, despite only having access for a composting facility – which has not been built.

Wisley Property Investments is seeking to build 2,100 homes at the former Wisley Airfield site.

WPI claims the site has a “consented direct access to the A3 via the Ockham Interchange”, which will support the development and the traffic created.

However, Surrey County Council has confirmed the only consented access currently given was in August 2012 when planning permission was granted for a composting facility, with new vehicular and pedestrian access from the A3 Ockham roundabout comprising a new site access road.

The permission allows for up to 30,000 tonnes of waste per year to be delivered to the facility for processing, but only once the facility has been built.

When contacted to clarify the access, WPI’s Mike Murray said: “The airfield has a consented direct access to the A3 via the Ockham Interchange.”

Helen Jefferies of the Wisley Action Group, which is opposing the development, said: “It is well documented the approval for the access route was only for a waste composting facility with limited truck movements.

“As this development will not now take place, the approval for the spur road will lapse and a new application must be approved.”




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