Save Surrey’s crumbling roads, urges councillor 

Surrey Mirror

A SURVEY has revealed one third of footpaths in Surrey are “functionally or structurally impaired”

By Surrey Mirror  |  Posted: December 12, 2015

  • Liberal Democrat county councillor Stephen Cooksey is urging the authority to put more funding towards improving the “crumbling” walkways.

    He said: “Surrey’s footways are crumbling and need to be brought up to a decent standard for pedestrians.”

    A Footways Network Survey undertaken last year shows 33 per cent of footpaths in the county are “functionally or structurally impaired”. Without investment, this could reach 40 per cent by 2028.

    Cllr Cooksey added: “Since then [the survey] little has been done by the Conservative administration to tackle the problem of Surrey’s sub-standard footways while they have been concentrating on resurfacing Surrey’s roads.

    “The condition of Surrey’s footways is just as important for pedestrians as the condition of Surrey’s roads is for motorists. Footways and pedestrians have not been given the priority they deserve. It is a Cinderella service.”


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