So much negativity about any kind of development

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Letter: Let The Planners Plan – Some Expansion Is Inevitable

housing picFrom Bibhas Neogi

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So much negativity about any kind of development has contributed to the current housing shortage, inadequate road network and inadequate infrastructure generally.

97% of land is countryside – yes, 97% of land. So the statement by buy-to-let landlord and former maths teacher Fergus Wilson, who has no apparent technical or planning experience, that housing needs could not be met without concreting over the SE England  seems to be a statement without any foundation.

Well developed local authority plans with the aim of achieving an equitable society are needed. Of course there will be NIMBYs rising up everywhere against any development that affects them even slightly. And there will be numerous meetings and challenges for the planners and professionals from totally inexperienced lay people purporting to foresee grave dangers in any such developments.

Expansion of towns and cities is inevitable. The process follows the advancement of civilisation from dwelling in caves to multi-story houses. More and more housing is needed to cater for increasing population be it indigenous, students or migrants.

So instead of being negative and fearful all the time about development proposals, let the planners and professional do their job and let us all aid and assist them in developing good solutions rather than rubbishing their efforts.

There is always a degree of error and uncertainty when planning for the future since predictions are based on past trends and some projections are qualified on the rate of growth scenarios etcetera that are not easy to predict.

However, our positive attitude would certainly help achieve a fair amount of progress otherwise we would continue to live in misery with inadequate housing, bad infrastructure and a fractured society.

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