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Paula M

It now seems we have confirmation that from the very start the HoE and BH agreed in their joint Venture to include the St Lawrence site within their plans. That should add another couple of years to the programme bringing it to 8 in total and a 150 more houses for Effingham (300 cars) I believe the school is going to double in size too. That will bring in a fair few more cars into the site area morning and evening.

The nightmare continues.  BH / HoE have actually sat in a room and denied this outright. It says to me we can not trust anything they say. And so back to their scurrilous leaflet. Here is the Effingham Parish Council response giving the real facts for anyone interested.

Please help Effingham defeat this proposal. There are things that can be done to help the HoE without destroying the village. Please get in your letters to John Busher at GBC. More details in the attached.

If anyone is interested  in having copies of the leaflet to post through doors for us please let me know….


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