Surrey County Council come up with plan that is bound to increase illegal dumping!


SCC are proposing introducing charges for non-household waste (such as DIY waste) or not accepting it at all

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SCC have launched a ludicrous survey which you can fill in by clicking here   SCC

However as one Effingham resident put it “Their Survey gives no option to say ‘What a stupid idea!’.  I think that the bill for fly tipping (which is bound to increase) is picked up by the boroughs so we will end up paying for it anyway!”

SCC say that one of the one of the services they are reviewing is waste, where the council currently spends around £57 million a year. This includes 15 community recycling centres (CRCs), where 145,000 tonnes of waste and recycling are taken every year by Surrey residents.

The council has already reduced the cost of running the CRCs by introducing a permit scheme for trade waste; checking ID to ensure only Surrey residents are visiting the CRCs; and helping residents to recycle more by increasing the number of materials that can be recycled.

The aim of this CRC review is to make further savings while maintaining this important service to residents.

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