Synopsis of EFFRA Minutes of October 2014 Meeting


Synopsis of Minutes of Meeting 

Held on 9th October 2014

In the Parish Room




Chairman Chris Dick

Secretary David King

Treasurer Juliet Newton-Smith

Planning Peter Mott

Press Vivien White

Parish/Borough Cllr Liz Hogger

Publicity Pat Bleasby

James Brennan

1. Apologies:  Julie Iles (Wardens officer)

2Visitors (if required)   None

3Previous Minutes – The Minutes of the previous Meeting, 14-8-14 were approved

4. Matters Arising

5.1  St. Lawrence School:  It was agreed that EFFFRA should take up the offer of a meeting with the Governors.   Action: CD

8.  The hit counter is now in place on the website.

10.2  Roland McKinney has been co-opted to the EPC working group, but a further meeting has not taken place.

5.  Planning

5.1  Local Plan:  EH reported that the Local Plan will be revised and issued again for consultation in June/July 2015.

A new joint SHMAA document is being prepared in co-operation with Woking and Waverley.

New official guidelines have issued from central government that: “Housing needs are not sufficient

reason to ignore Green Belt status.”  Thus Green Belt is a legitimate constraint and so is

infrastructure.  The new Plan must be developed from bottom up, starting with a new and realistic

housing target.  EPC now has an opportunity to shape the Plan with its own Neighbourhood Plan.

It was agreed, at EH request, that a meeting be arranged between EH, EFFRA and

HandsoffGreenBelt.  Action: EH to arrange.

5.2  SANG car park, Effingham Common:  At the recent EPC meeting, EPC made it clear to GBC

 representatives that such car park is totally unacceptable.  A 12 place car park has been suggested.

It was pointed out that the cricket club park belongs to EVRT.  GBC said that a “formal” process has

 to be carried out.  Actions:  DK to write to new Head of Planning at GBC, Barry Fagg, with copies to

colleagues, giving results of EFFRA questionnaire.

5.3  The Drift Golf Club:  application has been made to construct a new driving range and academy.

Action: DK to write objection in respect of the number of lorry movements on the local lanes.

and inappropriate development of Green Belt.

5.4  Chalk Lane, Lt. Bookham:  SCC planning application for houses on the

 disused grit depot at the Chalk Lane/ A246 junction.  The committee agreed that with the

 need for affordable housing in the area it seemed regrettable that SCC not to propose such housing.

 Action: PM to write to SCC.

6. Press: It was agreed that DK will monitor local papers.  VW to remain Press Office.

7. Treasurer’s report: no movement in bank accounts to report.  Deposit account balance is

 £4787 and current account £376.

8. Website: EFFRA to seek sponsorship for website. Actions: First option PJB Cars and MPS: PB.  Then, The Plough and Howard pubs and Eff. Golf club: JN-S.  Only 3 sponsors possible on site at any one time.

9. Howard School/Berkeley Homes project:  The scheduled meeting for 3-10-14 was postponed by Berkeley, rearranged for 21-10-14.  (Post meeting note: it is understood that the planning application will now be lodged on 17th Oct).  It was agreed that the committee needed to be ready to respond to this applications.

Action: VW/JN-S to prepare list of residents who had indicated that they were willing to be contacted

10. Other meetings

10.1 GGG meeting on 30th Oct.

10.2 Cluster meeting at KGV on 13th Oct.

11. Any Other Business

11.1  Letter to be sent to Chair EPC and Effingham Borough Cllr giving results of EFFRA questionnaire.  Action: CD

11.2 The reply from Right Hon. Paul Beresford MP was discussed and considered not to have answered all questions.  Action:  VW to send follow-up letter

11.3  Committee discussed action by Send Parish regarding GBC Leader

11.4  VW is giving a presentation on the Maddox family of Lt. Bookham on 27-11-14.  CD to put data on website.

11.5  EVRT are mounting a fireworks display at KGV on 1-11-14.  EH asked for volunteers to deliver flyers.


Next meeting: 13-11-14, 20.00hrs. at Parish Room


D. J. King (Hon. Sec.)

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