Tension mounts as planning decision approaches


An article appeared in the Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser today looking at the Berkeley Homes/ Howard of Effingham Planning Application due to be heard next Wednesday


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Some concern has been raised over the implications that Effingham Parish Council may have been misreported in the recent Howard circular as allocating Effingham Lodge Farm for development.  This is not correct. As the article above points out the Parish are looking to build up to 30 homes on this site and no more than that.

Effingham Residents Association (EFFRA) is also concerned that any number may be interpreted as saying that residents support building here. However, this site option has not yet been put to all the residents and therefore remains an idea supported by about 1.5 percent of the village.

3 thoughts on “Tension mounts as planning decision approaches”

  1. What a mess! Did Effingham Parish Council bring this on themselves? Why suggest 30 homes to be built in their neighbourhood plan when a live application is still progressing. In hindsight this may prove to be costly!

  2. Whatever the decision is on March 9th, chances are it’s just the start of the next battle. Should EPC / Effingham lose, one hopes they will challenge the decision, and that they’ll receive moral, legal and financial help from the other national-level groups who opposed HoE / BH. This is a line in the sand moment; if ELF falls then precedence has been set for other Academies to follow suit and try to build on Green Belt. If Oxshott, where the Howard Partnership took over another school with loads of land to build on, are not awaiting the result with great trepidation, they really ought to be.

    By the way Rhona’s CBE actually stands for: Concreting over Bookham and Effingham.

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