The Berkeley Homes /Howard of Effingham planning application is scheduled to be heard 9th March

A message from the Howard of Effingham School


Plans to deliver a new home for Howard of Effingham School will be considered by Guildford Borough Council Planning Committee in less than a fortnight.

I am now urgently asking you to register your support. By clicking here, an email will automatically open in your email browser to the Council officer in charge of registering views from the public (you can add your own comments and postcode if you wish). Please remember to click send. This will take less than a minute.

I know hundreds of you locally share my pride in The Howard but this unique opportunity to secure the facilities that local children deserve, preserve the catchment area, and bring transport and infrastructure benefits for all the community, can only happen with your support.

If the Council doesn’t hear from you before the Committee meets they will only hear the opinion of those who oppose the application and could reject the plans. 

Remember that Effingham Parish Council have allocated Lodge Farm as a potential site for residential development, if we don’t grasp this opportunity the site could be used for new houses.

If you would like to join our campaign or want to know other ways you can help us please email

If you would like to view the detailed application documents you can do so at The application number is 14/P/02109.


Helen Pennington, Headteacher

4 thoughts on “The Berkeley Homes /Howard of Effingham planning application is scheduled to be heard 9th March”

  1. A slick piece of campaigning on behalf of The Howard of Effingham and Berkeley Homes. Have Effingham Parish council opened the sluice gates to development on Lodge Farm in their proposed neighbourhood plan. Time will tell!

  2. I know effra is against any development on this green belt site, even disagreeing with its inclusion in the draft neighbourhood plan. I suppose it was published to show a balanced view. Well done!

  3. I fully support the schools plans to deliver the best education for our children – at a time when investment in education is being cut and more cuts to come! Why not make use of private investment to deliver first class education?! I commend their forethought for our young people. I’ve heard comments that this is simply a vanity project for Mrs Barnfield, what rubbish – she is an educationalist, having been recognised nationally for her services and simply wants to secure the best at a time where that sometimes is not possible, I commend her and the rest of the team delivering on this.

  4. The comments by Mrs. Pennington are misleading at best, downright untrue at worst.
    EPC have proposed 30 dwelling on Effingham Lodge Farm (W) in a draft Neighbourhood Plan which has yet to be put to the residents, not 160 plus a new school as Berkeley have applied for. Indications at present are that the residents of Effingham will overwhelmingly reject this proposal, just as they overwhelmingly objected to the current Howard/Berkeley Homes application for Eff. Lodge Farm.

    The conurbation of Bookham/Fetcham to east of Effingham has a population of 20,000; Effingham has 2,500. If a new school is to be built it needs to be as close as possible to the population which it serves. The current Catchment Area for Howard follows the Bookham/Fetcham border, so Fetcham pupils have to travel to Therfield on NE side of Leatherhead.
    There is no state secondary school in this conurbation of 20,000. The planning logic of this defeats me.
    Of course we all want what is best for the children but a new 2,000 pupil school built on Green Belt land of Grade 2 (high) agricultural grade in an outlying village is clearly not a sensible or logical solution.

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