The Effingham Post Office has moved

 The Effingham Post Office has moved

Today we say goodbye and thank you to Mark and Shirley Jones who have run our village Post Office for over 13 years.  We wish them well in their semi retirement running a self catering apartments business in Devon.


 As from tomorrow our village Post Office has a new home at the Village SuperMarket where it will be open for longer hours providing service for those who might previously not been able to use it.


Bala Chandran, our new Post Master is looking forward to this major change in his business. Chandran is understandably nervous about this new venture and confessed that all he was currently able to do was sell postage stamps. But all that changes as he has to undergo an intense six-day training period.




Effingham Residents Association wishes Chandran and his team every success.  He has always been a great supporter of village events and some of the issues we have recently faced.  He has always been kind enough to permit us to leave leaflets and return forms at his SuperMarket shop. We hope very much that residents will help make this venture a prosperous one for him.

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