Thoughts wanted on top 12 sites for potential development in Woking


There is one week left for members of the public to have their say on the Draft Site Allocations, outlining where future homes, shops, offices and warehouses could be built

Potential Development sites within Woking Borough

Potential Development sites within Woking Borough

Residents have until July 31 to respond to a public consultation about where the homes, shops, offices and industrial sites of the future should and should not be built in Woking.

The consultation on the Draft Site Allocations DPD, launched on June 18, was drawn up by Woking Borough Council to help fulfil the commitments made in the Woking Core Strategy, adopted in 2012.

The core strategy aims to provide 4,964 additional homes, 28,000 sq/m of office space, 20,000 sq/m of warehousing floorspace and 93,900 sq/m of retail space.

The DPD proposes substantial transformation of urban areas in the town centre, including to landmarks such as the Big Apple complex and to the streets near the railway station, along with Sheerwater and Victoria Square.

Drastic changes will not be confined to already urban areas, however, and it is suggested that certain pockets of green belt should be given up for building to help meet the target of an additional 4,964 homes the borough needs to construct over the next 12 years.

Councillors have stressed that, under the proposals in the draft DPD, the borough would be losing between only 2% and 3% of its green belt, but this has not stopped opposition springing up.

If the proposals are given the go-ahead, the overall percentage of Woking borough which is green belt would drop from 63.27% to 61.08%.

The core strategy has also looked at where further sites could be provided, up to 2040, to avoid regular repeats of this process.

Get Surrey has listed the most important sites in the draft DPD, listing them below and where they feature on an interactive map.

Residents have until July 31, at 5pm, to respond to the consultation. To see the draft document and find out more about the consultation, visit, or call 01483 743 871.


Click here to read full article about potential sites at:

Poole Road

Woking railway station

Victoria Square

Commercial Way

The Big Apple

Monument Way





West Byfleet


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