Time to Decide – Steady Polling Underway Across the Borough

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Steady voting was reported across the borough by party supporters stationed outside polling stations visited by The Guildford Dragon NEWS this morning

The sun was shining and there was little to put voters off, especially as nationally the result is as uncertain as anyone can remember, while the arrival of the Guildford Greenbelt Group gives extra spice to the borough council election.

Polling station in Send

In Send Cllr Keith Taylor (Con, Send) thought they were on track for a 70% turnout.

Another voter attends to do his duty at the polling station in URCH Portsmouth Road

At the URCH on the Portsmouth Road in Friary and St Nicolas around 250 voters were thought to have cast their vote by midday and voters were continuing to arrive in a steady trickle.

No voters in view at Sydenham Road

The Sydenham Road Polling Station seemed relatively quiet as did, probably, the borough’s smallest polling station in Littleton which caters for just a few hundred voters.

Probably the borough's smallest polling station in Littleton.

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