UKIP Borough Candidate Donna Walker says a few words to Effingham Ward Residents

 As the Elections approach Effingham Residents Association website editor invited local candidates to say a few words about themselves and the issues.  Here is the response from: 

UKIP Effingham Ward Candidate Donna Walker

Donna Walker

Donna Walker:  UKIP candidate for Effingham Ward – Personal Statement

I was brought up in Chislehurst in Kent and moved to Surrey in 1991, initially living in Great Bookham.   I moved to Effingham in 1996, having discovered that it was so much nicer than it’s bigger neighbour.  After almost 20 years here I feel like a native, although I know that many Effingham families have lived here for several generations and therefore have far more right to that description than me.

I firmly believe in the mantra “use it or lose it” and for that reason, I use the village shops and I have even been known to pop into The Haig and The Plough occasionally for a glass of wine and/or a meal.  (OK perhaps “occasionally” is a slight understatement!!!)  I love a pub quiz and make up a team of 4 women – we never win because we can’t answer the sports questions, but it’s the taking part that counts and it’s a good excuse for a glass of wine and a chat (as if one were needed).

I work as a Business Manager in the newly-created Highways England, a government-owned company that replaced the Highways Agency and is responsible for managing and maintaining the motorway and trunk road network.    The motorways in the SE are some of the busiest in Europe, as well as the safest, and I’m proud that I play a part in delivering that for the nation.

I’m standing as the UKIP candidate for Effingham Ward because  I don’t want to see the village ruined by inappropriate development which will destroy the village character.   I believe Effingham should remain within the green belt and only small-scale development should be considered.  UKIP’s policy is to protect the green belt;  incentivise development on  brown-field sites and when significant development is proposed, the local community should be consulted in binding local referenda.

Donna Walker

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