Value of Neighbourhood Plan – Case boosts locals’ say on developments


Residents of Winslow have drawn up their own housing development plan Vic Otter

  • Residents of Winslow

Towns and villages will have more chance of fighting off unwanted new housing developments after developer Gladman Developments lost a test case in Winslow. Gladman has withdrawn its legal challenge against a “neighbourhood plan” drawn up by the residents of Winslow, which determined where new homes should be built. The developer wanted Winslow to double in size to 4,000 homes, however, 98% of local people voted in favour of a plan under which only 450 homes would be built.

Gladman initially tried to prevent the residents from voting on the plan by seeking an injunction to prevent a local referendum from taking place. After losing that case, Gladman challenged the legality of the plan at the High Court. A judge dismissed the case in December, but last month the company made an appeal against that decision.

The developer has now withdrawn the appeal, meaning that Winslow’s plan will be used to decide where new homes should be built. Llew Monger of Aylesbury Vale District Council said the result will “hopefully encourage many other communities to embark on developing a neighbourhood plan.”

The Times, Page: 21


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