Village submits Neighbourhood Plan – Effingham needs to engage in this process

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Concerned Burpham Residents Submit Development Plan To Guildford Borough Council

Burpham residents concerned over future development in their area have submitted their plans to Guildford Borough Council.

The plan, drawn up by the Burpham Neighbourhood Forum, contains a suite of policies that seek to guide development in Burpham over the next 20 years.

Members of the Burpham Neighbourhood Forum who have submitted their plan to Guildford Borough Council.

The policies cover a range of topics, such as protection of the environment and general development control issues, such as the density of new development and parking requirements.

It seeks to designate important green spaces in Burpham as ‘local green space’, giving such land a high level of protection from future development, in accordance with Government policy set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

image001The chairman of the Burpham Neighbourhood Forum, Ros Pollock, said: “The plan has been submitted to the council for the final round of consultation before submission to an independent examiner.

“The plan represents over two years hard work by forum members, who are passionate about their community and who want to ensure future development in Burpham is appropriate and of a high standard.

“Input into the plan by local people has been extensive and, subject to a local referendum, I look forward to the plan becoming part of the development plan for Burpham and therefore a material consideration in the determination of planning applications in the ward.”

The plan can be viewed on the forum’s website

Neighbourhood planning is a flagship government policy, designed to empower local communities. Burpham was the first community in Guildford to designate a forum and prepare a neighbourhood plan.

Guildford Borough Council will now check the plan for legal compliance, before launching a six-week public consultation period.

Following the consultation the council must appoint an examiner to review the plan. The examiner must be a suitably qualified person whose appointment is made with the agreement of the forum. The examiner can: recommend the plan progresses to a referendum of voters in Burpham; recommend the plan be amended before referendum; or recommend the plan not proceed to a referendum.

A simple majority is required in the referendum for the plan to become part of the development plan for Burpham.

In the meantime, the Secretary of State can recover planning appeals relating to 10 or more housing units in Burpham to determine himself.

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