Opinion: What has happened to Effingham Parish Council: With Comments


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An opinion on changes within Effingham Parish Council by Chris Dick


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3 thoughts on “Opinion: What has happened to Effingham Parish Council: With Comments”

  1. Has a barristers opinion been sought regarding Effingham Lodge Farm? Is this walking into Berkeley homes hands?

    1. EFFRA and CPRE (Campaign for the Protection of Rural England) have both suggested that the Parish seek proper legal advice but as far as we know they have not done so

  2. It doesn’t stop at Effingham Lodge Farm – the plan proposes to develop housing on two other green field sites, Lyons Field and Church Street Field. But it does not stop there either – the parish council are now considering supporting a car park on Effingham Common. The proposal is to support a car park if it is not on “open” common land. So presumably some trees will have to go. And that will make it OK – or will it? Is this something residents will support?

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