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Do you live in Effingham? Statistically you are likely to be aged between 35 and 54 living with one other person in a detached house, have two cars,  be of manager, director or senior official status.

People often ask me when I chat to them about who is likely to rent there home, which is why the social make up of an area is of interest to me. Effingham doesn’t hold much interest to those 25-34, but then there is no cinema, no trendy wine bars, limited places to eat out and unless you drive you are reliant on the bus. Effingham Junction train station being a fair walk from the main village. The excellent reputation of The Howard attractsfamily housefamilies and statistically if you don’t fit the description above you are likely to have a family with 32% of Household’s having a young family. (Incidentally the data show a total of 2711 overall residents and 23% are 17 or under)

In a previous blog though I do mention tha 84% of properties in Effingham are owned and only 14% rent – again showing there is a real stability in Effingham with people moving in with young families and staying way after the children have flown the nest.

63% of properties in Effingham are detached houses. Add in the semis (20%) and the terraced (9%) and Effingham has an overall 92% of its property stock in housesleaving just 7% of all stock as flats or maisonettes. The other 1% are caravans, or unspecified homes.

In an area where the stock is 63% detached homes, its surprising that the household data reports  66% of Effingham’s population are 1-2 person household’s.

Lone person (23%) Married couples without children (35%) and Lone parents no dependant children (2%) Cohabiting (6%)

25% of households are married couples with children and 7% single people with children. The remaining 2% are sharers.

At the end of January 2013 there were 2123 usual residents aged 16 or over living in the parish of Effingham. 39% aged between 35-54 and 25% over 65 years of age.

Just 6% of people in Effingham are between the ages of 25-34

All Data used is from the Office of National Statistics, Neighbourhood statistic last updated  Nov 2013



84% of residents in Effingham own their own home

English Home ownershipData from the Office of National Statistics report that  in their latest data complied at the end of 2013, 84% of residents in the parish of Effingham own their own home. Out of these, 55% owned the property outright and 45% had a mortgage or loan.

Surprisingly, only 14% of residents in Effingham rent their property.  36% of people renting are in social housing, and 53% of those renting are renting privately.

Nationally only 30% of the population own their own home outright, although we are still a nation of homeowners with 63% of people owning their own home. Areas of higher wealth naturally demonstrate a higher number of people owning their own home and higher numbers owning outright.


All Households


Owned; Total


Owned; Owned Outright


Owned; Owned with a Mortgage or Loan


Shared Ownership (Part Owned and Part Rented)


Social Rented; Total


Social Rented; Rented from Council (Local Authority)


Social Rented; Other Social Rented


Private Rented; Total


Private Rented; Private Landlord or Letting Agency


Private Rented; Employer of a Household Member


Private Rented; Relative or Friend of Household Member


Private Rented; Other


Living Rent Free


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