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Yet another indescribably abominable proposal

Local Conversations in Effingham



Yet another indescribably abominable proposal. As there only seems to be a short window each day when the A3 flows freely can you imagine the impact this development will have? And also the proposers mention the convenience of local stations such as Effingham! God help us if this goes ahead as well as all the other ones in our locality. And it also impacts on a neighbouring SSSI. The simple fact is these speculators and chancers sense an opportunity and are trying their luck. They are a bit like scammers and phishers – they only have to get lucky once to make a fortune. They all employ professional lobbyists who no doubt are experts at sweet-talking those in charge. Check out Wisley Action Group and start writing your objections – far less hassle than sitting for ours in a queue of stationary traffic!

Rex B 

Holy schmoly!

If the BH / HoE application runs to 250 documents, this will be impossible for Joe Average to plough through.

I’m sure that everything has been thought about by the developers, but I went to the Wisley airfield when they had their ‘show’ last year.  I asked about sewerage and was told that a/ they did not have an information, and b/ there is a sewerage plant at Wisley.

Yes, there is, and I bet it is just capable of handling  its current load.  Add an additional 2000 houses, probably close to doubling the volume that it currently has to handle!  Need I say more?

They were also extolling the virtues of the pleasant 10 minute cycle ride to Effingham Station.  Seemed to be no thought of doing it at 18:30 on a wet, cold, snowy winter evening.  And as we know, cycling home en-mass from the station on that same winter evening is exactly what everyone living in this new development will do.

It’s madness I tell you, absolute madness!

Michael B 

The application for c2500 homes at Three Farms Meadows – aka the former Wisley airfield is part of the assault on the Green Belt. The former airfield IS legally Green Belt despite the pro developer lobby somehow claiming that it is not so.

Its Cayman Island owners wish to get planning permission. The land will then be sold probably to builders etc and the land profits – maybe nearly up to a £ billion (?) will go to the company selling the land. It will really be the final nail in the Green Belt. Sadly, we know that the Tory Guildford Council is no friend of the Green Belt.

The Wisley Action Group are very determined to stop this travesty – seewww.wisleyactiongroup.co.uk And good luck to them. But their fight is our fight too.

In their 2011 Manifesto, the Tories in Guildford promised to protect the Green Belt – no ifs/buts. ‘We will protect the Metropolitan Green Belt’. We now know the truth. Who will believe them in the May 2015 Borough Council elections ?

Just think. A 25% increase in the population of the Borough if the Tories are re-elected to GBC in May.

I’m with: Guildford Greebelt Group

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