Wisley Airfield homes plan decision delayed for second time


A decision on whether developers can build 2,100 homes at the former Wisley Airfield has been postponed by Guildford Borough Council for a second time

Initial designs for a town of more than 2,000 homes which could be built on the site of Wisley Airfield

A decision on whether more than 2,000 homes will be built at the former Wisley Airfield has been postponed again.

Guildford Borough Council (GBC) wrote to the applicant, Wisley Property Investments (WPI), in July saying it could not reach a decision on the application before the previous deadline of August 7.

The council then moved the decision date to December 24 but that the ruling on the proposals has once again been postponed until next spring.

Councillor Colin Cross, representing Lovelace, told Get Surrey that he had been informed by GBC’s planning department that the decision had been moved back but that he had not been given a reason for the delay or a new date for a ruling.

The controversial proposals for the former airfield include plans to build 2,100 homes, as well as a primary school, offices, shops, travellers pitches and sports facilities.

A spokesman for the Wisley Action Group, which is campaigning against the proposals, said:

“Despite many months of intensive lobbying by Wisley Property Investments, and a previous postponement of determination , this Cayman Islands company has failed to enlist support from the statutory consultees for their wholly inappropriate green belt proposal.

“As confirmed by leading counsel, it seems abundantly clear that this is the wrong project in the wrong place and further delays in determining the application will only serve to highlight the growing list of reasons why the concept of a ‘new town’ at Wisley should be rejected.”

A spokesman for WPI said: “WPI continues to hold constructive and ongoing dialogue with key stakeholders including Natural England, Surrey County Council and Highways England, and is continuing to refine and enhance the proposals for a new sustainable community to help meet Guildford’s urgent housing need, using the largest brownfield site outside the Guildford Urban Area.

“WPI is working alongside GBC so that the proposals for Wisley Airfield follow as closely as they can the work on the emerging Local Plan.​“

A spokesman for GBC said: “The applicant has been reviewing the comments received, in particular the concerns expressed by statutory consultees, and is likely to submit further information to support their application.

“This is likely to require further consultation with stakeholders and interested parties.

“The council will therefore seek to agree a further extension of time – it is currently estimated that the application will be presented to the committee in Spring 2016.”

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