With thanks to local resident Martin P – “The Seven-Seven Plan For Effingham”

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Seven Do’s

  1. Do put people first.

  1. Do preserve the essence of the village by maintaining the Green Belt Principles and Conservation Area status.

  1. Do enable the village to evolve, and adapt to changing circumstances and community needs – but keep it as a “country village”.

  1. Do respect the priorities and concerns of current residents, while encouraging and enabling the next generation to live and grow here.

  1. Do make the most of what is already available: recycle building plots; repurpose “brown field” sites; invest in our “shopping centre”; use KGV buildings and land for wider community use.

  1. Do lets make ourselves proud of our village by enhancing it. For example, our roads all have wide verges that we could plant with spring bulbs, summer flowers and autumn fruits.

  1. Do orient the village towards the North Downs, the countryside, walking, cycling and village life.

Seven Don’t’s


  1. Don’t put politics, plans and, worst of all, private commercial interests first.

  1. Don’t sacrifice the lifelong interests of the many for the short term gain of the few.

  1. Don’t allow revolution. That means slow change for the good, not rapid change for the worse. Don’t turn it into a housing estate.

  1. Don’t make this less of a village. Make it more of a community, respecting the diverse shared, and complementary, interests of residents.

  1. Don’t increase density. Don’t invade green sites. Don’t build unless there is a compelling need that has wide community support. Then only build what is essential – and only build what Lutyens would be proud of.

  1. Don’t let the village be known for bad things like dreadful traffic problems, poor quality, high density houses, empty shops, and for being a village without a heart or soul.

  1. Don’t orient the village towards the M25, London, suburbia and traffic.

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