Woking Councillor defended plans to build on the Greenbelt, saying they had no other choice

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Greenbelt sites identified for development in Woking

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6:04am 29th May 2015
(Updated 11:48am 29th May 2015)

Parts of the Greenbelt around Woking could be built on.

The borough council has outlined 14 potential sites for development.

If approved, it would see Woking lose between two and three per cent of its Greenbelt.

Many more urban sites have been earmarked as the council aims to build 4,964 homes by 2027.

Councillor John Kingsbury, Leader of Woking Borough Council, said: “The Site Allocation Development Plan Document is an important stepping stone towards identifying future development sites within the Borough until 2027.

“It is a formal legal process that the Council is committed to delivering as part of its adopted Woking Core Strategy. Otherwise, we run the risk of failing to identify enough land to meet our future requirements.

“The Site Allocations Document will potentially identify both urban and Greenbelt sites for future development.

“We are, however, acutely aware of local concerns about the Greenbelt as a much cherished part of our natural environment which brings pleasure and enjoyment to many.

“Any decision by the council will ensure that the purpose and integrity of the Greenbelt is not undermined.

“Any land to be removed from the Greenbelt for housing is unlikely to be released for development before 2022.”

Suggested sites

  • Land surrounding West Hall, Parvis Road, West Byfleet

  • Land adjacent to Egley Road, Mayford

  • Land at Coblands Nursey and Lyndhurst, Brookwood Lye Road, Brookwood

  • Land at Ten Acre Farm, Smarts Heath Road, Mayford

  • Land at Five Acres, Brookwood Lye Road, Brookwood

(Sites below will only be released for development as part of a future review of the Core Strategy)

  • Land south of High Road, Byfleet

  • Land south of Murray’s Lane, Byfleet

  • Land rear of Lovelace Drive, Teggs Lane

  • Land east of Upshot Lane and south of Aviary Road, Pyrford

  • Land north east of Saunders Lane, Mayford

  • Land north west of Saunders Lane, Mayford

  • Woking Garden Centre, Egley Road, Mayford

  • Land adjacent to Hook Hill Lane, Hook Heath

Councillor Graham Cundy is Portfolio Holder for Planning at Woking Borough Council.

He has defended the plans to build on the Greenbelt, saying they had no other choice:

“If we cannot show that we have sufficient land, then developers will realise this and will seek development in other areas of the Greenbelt, and more intensive development in the urban areas.

“So, to do nothing is not an option.

“In the town centre, a lot of those homes will be flatted dwellings and not family houses.

“Hence, the Greenbelt will provide the family housing.

“What we’re doing, we are creating a strong defensible Greenbelt boundary.”

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