About Effingham Residents Association (EFFRA)

Established in 1966, EFFRA is a voluntary, non-political organisation working on behalf of the residents of Effingham.

All residents over 18 are automatically members unless they chose to decline. EFFRA does not currently charge subscriptions and funds itself through advertising.

Our objectives are set out in our
Constitution but our main aims are to safeguard and promote where possible the interests of residents and ratepayers of Effingham, working with other organisations as appropriate, including Effingham Parish Council. We do, however, remain an independent voice on behalf of our members.

Specifically, we aim to promote a sense of community by using our website, social media and periodic Newsletters to share relevant local information, by getting involved in community events and supporting the activities of other community groups.

To preserve our rural village environment, EFFRA will comment on and object to planning applications and other proposals that adversely impact the Effingham Conservation Area, the surrounding Green Belt and Area of Natural Beauty or which contravene the Effingham Neighbourhood Plan.

We co-ordinate the annual Heritage Open Day in Effingham and our neighbouring village of Little Bookham in order to promote Effingham’s historical heritage and to support this community event.