Effingham Charities

1st Effingham Scout Group

Charity number 1064632, was registered 30 Sept. 1997, and provides scouting facilities for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

Contact details:

1st Effingham Scout Group
The Milestone Scout HQ
King George V Playing Fields
Leatherhead KT24 5NP

Email: info@effinghamscouts.co.uk
Website: 1st Effingham scouts

The charitable objectives are: The instruction of boys of all classes in the principles of discipline, loyalty and good citizenship.

Bookham and Effingham District Guide Association

Charity number 305771, was registered 21 Sept. 1971, with activities to provide meeting places and to support the leaders of all the Units within the Bookham and Effingham District. Ensuring suitable activities are provided for girls of each age group within the guidelines set by Guiding UK.

Contact details:

Mrs Roberta Wilson
15A Hale Pit Road
KT23 4BS

Tel: 01372 450173

The charitable objectives are: Unit of the Girl Guides Association.

Effingham Housing Association

An exempt charity, registered in the Mutuals Public Register number 17008R on 28/04/1965. To carry on the industry, business or trade of providing housing and any associated amenities for elderly persons of limited means upon terms appropriate to their means.

Contact details

Effingham Housing Association
6 Crossways
KT24 5LW

General enquiries to the Chairman Mr N Jubert on 01372 869396 or email nick@dennys.co.uk
Tenancy enquiries to the tenancy officer Mr B Kelly on 01372 450951 or email brendan@venice.myzen.co.uk

Effingham Housing Association have 16, 1 or 2 bedroom flats on 2 sites in Effingham village. The charity is run by a group of volunteers and it’s objectives are to provide affordable housing to people of retirement age who have a connection with the village. Our unique properties are in the centre of the village and are maintained to a high level.

Effingham Village Recreation Trust

Charity no. 305018, was registered 5 Sept. 1961, with activities of the provision of leisure, social, recreation and sporting facilities and a village hall for the use and benefit of the residents of Effingham and the immediate surrounding areas.

Contact details

Effingham Village Recreation Trust
King George V Playing Fields
KT24 5ND

Tel. 01372 451925
Email: admin@evrt.org.uk
Website: www.effinghamkgv.co.uk
The Trustee website www.effinghamparishcouncil.gov.uk/evrt/

The charitable objectives are:

  1. The object of the charity is, for the public benefit, to provide or assist in the provision, support and or maintenance of facilities for the recreation and other leisure-time occupation for the inhabitants for the recreation and other leisure0time occupation for the inhabitants of the area of benefit, in particular through the provision of a village hall and recreation grounds.
  2. The land numbered 1 in the schedule to this scheme is part of the national memorial to his late Majesty King George V and must be retained for use as a public recreation ground and village Hall under the name of King George’s Field and King George’s Hall.
  3. The Land numbered 2 and3 in the schedule to this scheme must be retained for use for the object of the charity.

Henry Smith’s Charity

Charity no. 237703 was registered 4 Dec. 1964, with activities for the benefit of the needy, aged and infirm and their advancement of life within the ancient parish of Effingham.

Contact details:

Effingham Parish Council
The Parish Room
3 Home Barn Court
The Street
KT24 5LG

Tel: 01372 454911
Email: clerk2010@effinghamparishcouncil.gov.uk

The charitable objectives are: the Benefit of poor of ancient Parish of Effingham.

Howard of Effingham Charitable Trust

Charity no. 1008049 was registered 07 Feb. 1992, with activities supporting the advancement of education for the public benefit.

Contact details:

Howard of Effingham School
Lower Road
KT24 5JR

Tel: 01372 453694

The charitable objectives are:

  1. the advancement for the public benefit of education
  2. the relief of the aged poor sick or disabled.

St. Teresa’s School Effingham Trust

Charity no. 1095103 , was registered 18 Dec 2002, with activities of the education of children and such other charitable works as advance the Roman Catholic religion

Contact details:

Mr Alan Miller
St. Teresas School
Effingham Hill

Tel: 01372 452037
Email: info@st-teresas.com
Website: www.st-teresas.com

The charitable objectives are:

  1. To advance education by conducting any boarding or day school or schools for children of the Roman Catholic religion with or without other Christian or non-Christian children.
  2. Ro carry on such other charitable works as advance the Roman Catholic religion.

The Bookham and District talking newspaper

Charity no. 271856 was registered 26 Aug 1976, with activities recording and provision of tapes/CDs of information extracted from local newspapers and read by volunteers for the benefit of blind or partially sighted people in the area of Ashtead, Bookham, Effingham, East Horsley and Leatherhead in Surrey.

Contact details:

Mr C E W Crouch
85 Woodlands Road
KT23 4HL

Tel: 01372 452232
Email: mark.secker1@btinternet.com

The charitable objectives are: to relieve the blind and partially blind or those labouring under some temporary incapacity or disability which makes reading a strain by the provision of recorded tapes (for further details see Clause 2 of the schedule to declaration of Trust).

The Bookhams Fetcham and Effingham Nursing Association Trust

Charity no. 265962 was registered 22 Aug 1974, with activities grants for medically related purposes in title area.

Contact details:

Jenny Peers
1 Manor Cottages
Manor House Lane
KT23 4EW

Tel: 01372456752
Email: bfande.nat@gmail.com

The charitable objectives are: to relieve in cases of need persons resident in the area of benefit who are sick, convalescent, handicapped or infirm by providing or paying for items, services or facilities which are calculated to alleviate the suffering or assist the recovery of such persons in such cases but are not readily available to them from other sources.

The Howard of Effingham PTA

Charity no. 1090192  was registered 22 Jan 2002, with activities the Howard of Effingham School PTA exists to foster good relationships between parents and staff; to raise funds for the purchase of extra items of equipment; to provide services for pupils, and to organise social functions. The committee of parents and teachers arranges a wide range of social and fund-raising activities. All parents are warmly invited to join in on every possible occasion.

Contact details:

Mrs Irene Ford
27 The Ridgeway
KT22 9BB

Email: irene.ford@tiscali.co.uk

The charitable objectives are: to advance the education of the pupils in the school in particular by:

  1. Developing effective relationships between Staff Parents and others association with the school
  2. Engaging in activities or providing facilities or equipment which support the school and advance the education of the pupils

The Religious of Christian Instruction

Charity no. 243995  was registered 09 Aug 1964, with activities the Institute has continued to fulfil its principal aims through the education and formation of religious sisters, by teaching, pastoral and other work at the two schools in Effingham and by care and pastoral work in the parishes of Sherborne and Effingham and elsewhere.

Contact details:

Mr Adam Halsey
15 Fulwood Place

Tel: 0207 969 5657

The charitable objectives are: for such charitable purposes which advance the religious and other charitable work carried on in England and Wales by the Society as the Trustees with the approval of the Superior shall think fit.