Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – a new search tool

There is a new search tool to try and keep even more stuff from being thrown away. You can find the tool at or scan the QR code below. It brings together information from assorted council and other websites into one searchable table. Whilst the search tool is based on what’s local to Bookham (just over the border in Mole Valley), many similar options exist in Guildford Borough – see below.

The simplest thing you can do to ‘reduce’ is to take a refillable coffee cup and water bottle around with you and remember to take reusable bags and refillable containers with you when you go to the shops.

They are now listing more ‘reuse’ options and even include the possibility of going to a Repair Café, as well as some more specialized recycling schemes. They would welcome additions to the list from you. Any entries underlined are clickable links to find out more. A major recent development is that many branches of supermarkets like the Co-op, Sainsburys and Tesco now offer soft plastic recycling and this is a welcome option.

For those living in Guildford Borough, some equivalent links are as follows. GBC run doorstep collections of Green & black wheelie bins, and food caddies, garden waste, and you can leave a carrier bag of textiles, small electricals and batteries out each week with your wheelie bin. They also run assorted recycling banks in car parks etc, akin to MVDC’s ‘bring sites’. Those further from Leatherhead may prefer Community Recycling Centres in Woking or Slyfield (Guildford).  For those wishing to recycle via Terracycle, there is a collection point at Zero Carbon Guildford which feeds into a collector in Bellfields. Pre-loved furniture, white goods and small electrical appliances can be refurbished and reused by Furniturelink, or Furniture Helpline.

Find out more about Plastic Free Bookham who have put together the information by visiting the website or ‘Like’ the Facebook page or contact them on should you have any queries. We thank the BRA webmaster, Les Huett, for turning our data into an easy-to-use tool.

Diane Poole