EFFRA Website Posts and Comments Policy

The posts on EFFRA’s website are intended to inform Effingham residents of news and information that the Editor considers may be of interest to them. Posts are intended to be factual and do not represent the views of EFFRA unless it is clearly stated that they do so. EFFRA is an independent, non-religious and non-political organisation which exists to represent and serve residents of Effingham. Its Constitution can be read here. Residents are welcome to suggest posts but the decision on whether posts should be posted is made by the Editor in consultation with EFFRA Committee members where appropriate.

EFFRA welcomes comments on the posts on its website. Different points of view are encouraged. Comments on the website reflect the views of individual making the comment, and do not reflect the views of EFFRA. However comments may be moderated before publication. Comments may be rejected without explanation where they breach the website’s comments policy or removed if they are later found to do so.

Comments that are offensive, obscene, contain personal insults, are commercial advertising, or are making factually false statements will not be posted or removed if later considered to do so.

All comments must include the name of the person making the comment. Email addresses are not published on the website, and are only used if the Editor needs to contact the person making the comment. Comments where the identity of the person making the comment is in question, will not be posted or will be removed.