Planning Appeals

This page contains the planning appeals for the parish of Effingham that have been received by Guildford Borough Council. Planning appeals are submitted to the Planning Inspectorate, who decide what evidence they require to make a decision and how they will receive that evidence.

The Procedural Guide for Planning appeals in England is available on the Government website at

Planning appeals where decisions have been made can be viewed for 2021, 2020 and 2019

Planning Appeals

Planning Appeal: APP/Y3615/W/21/3278666
Original Application: 20/P/01174
Proposal: Erection of black painted, metal, automated vehicle access gates and separate side pedestrian access gate on Effingham Place, set back a minimum of 15 metres from Lower Road.
Address: Land at the entrance to Effingham Place, Effingham Place, Effingham, Guildford, KT24 5JT
Key Dates: Accepted: 16 Dec 2021, Consultation ends 20 Jan 2022

Planning Appeal: APP/Y3615/D/21/3288758
Original Application: 21/P/01758
Proposal: Construction of detached garage
Address: Phoenix Cottage, Effingham Common Road, Effingham, Leatherhead, KT24 5JG
Key Dates: Accepted: 10 Dec 2021, Consultation ends TBD

Planning Appeal: APP/Y3615/D/21/3278091
Original Application: 21/P/00497
Proposal: Erection of detached, single storey ancillary outbuilding
Address: Kayos Cottage, Guildford Road, Effingham, Leatherhead, KT24 5QQ
Key Dates: Accepted: 1 July 2021, Consultation ends 19 Nov. 2021

Planning Appeal: APP/Y3615/W/20/3255071
Original Application: 20/P/00685
Proposal: Change of use of land to accommodate one gypsy pitch with three touring caravans, one day room and hardstanding for occupation by the applicants and their family (retrospective application).
Address: Longacre, Outdowns, Effingham, KT24 5QR
Key Dates: Accepted: 19 Feb 2021, Consultation ends 26 Mar 2021