Objection to 110 extra homes

In March 2018, the Secretary of State approved for up to 295 homes and the rebuilding of the Howard of Effingham School over three sites: Browns Field, the existing school site, and Effingham Lodge Farm, along with a number of conditions. He noted that this was inappropriate development on the Green Belt, and the harm to the rural character of the village. But at that time Guildford did not have a 5-year housing supply (they do now), and he believed the school needed rebuilding.

Berkeley Homes plans for building a new school and homes on the ELF site have been submitted and approved. And plans for the redevelopment of the existing school site have been submitted earlier this year.

Berkeley Homes have now submitted two more planning applications. The first is to change the conditions imposed by the Secretary of State, and the second is to build an extra 110 homes. They claim because rebuilding the school is financially unviable.

If you wish to object, please complete each form below, ensuring you tick all boxes with the reasons for your objection. Contact details are required by GBC and are not seen by anyone else.

Privacy notice. Whilst Effingham Residents Association (EFFRA) is hosting the forms to enable you to easily submit your objections. After completing the form and pressing the Submit button, an email will be sent directly to Guildford Borough Council planning department. Your personal details will not be visible to EFFRA.

Planning application 21/P/01283 requests that the boundaries of the approved site to be reduced. Berkeley Homes claims this is only a minor material change. However, if approved, it will enable planning application 21/P/01306 to be considered to build more houses on the site.

Public consultation closed on 5th August 2021

Planning application 21/P/01306 requests that 110 houses are built on the Green Belt. Berkeley Homes has not provided any evidence to justify the extra houses, other than that costs have increased (but so have house prices). Part of Thornet Wood, an Ancient semi-natural woodland and Sites of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCIs) will be opened up as part of the amenity areas for the housing estate

Public consultation closed on 5th August 2021